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    Everything You Need To Know to Buy YouTube Likes

    Let’s admit one thing:

    It takes time to create YouTube videos. Think about the hours you spend shooting and editing these videos.

    Yet, they lag in terms of likes. Honestly, it kills even the motivation you have to create them when you do not see results.

    Well, here’s the good news:

    In this post, I’ll do my best to help you learn how to buy YouTube likes. Even better, I’ll give you a checklist of things you need to be aware of before buying YouTube likes.

    In other words, everything is going to be simple for you from the beginning to the end.

    Sounds, fair? Let’s start.

    5 Benefits Of Buying YouTube Likes For Your Brand

    If you consider buying YouTube likes unethical. Feel free to skip this article.

    But if you want to build a young brand. Boy’d you need to spend money on likes.

    Having said that, if you do this well. You will gain 5 key benefits that will grow your brand. Want to know them, let’s start with the first point.

    Shapes Your Viewers Perception

    Let’s face it:

    Ever heard of the saying, ” don’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, we do it every day. And it is not different from YouTube likes.

    People judge a video by how many likes it has. Even the saying don’t judge the book by its cover isn’t going to stop them.

    But why do people do that?

    Well, a video with fewer likes means that most people don’t like it or it is not engaging.

    And no one. NOT EVEN YOU, wouldn’t want to waste your time watching a boring video. Would you?

    In other words, people are more willing to watch a video that has many likes. When people see that a video with lots of like, they think that it’s worth watching.

    The benefit of buying YouTube video for your brand is to change people’s perception of your video.

    It’s human nature and ethical to do that because the behavior of others always influences people’s behavior.

    You have seen this in the family, politics, and many instances. Where people choose to follow or do something because others are doing it.

    It is social proof. Let me explain

    Imagine walking in the street and everyone starts running in one direction. Automatically, you will do the same thing.

    You will start running in the same direction without knowing exactly, why other people are doing the same. Never feel ashamed of buying YouTube likes.

    Boost YouTube Ranking By 10%

    Like Google, YouTube has its algorithm that delivers exceptional and relevant videos to your user.

    Ever notices the suggested video features on YouTube? Well, that is YouTube making suggestions to you based on your search history.

    Imagine for a second, if your video was suggested to 30,000 different people and only 30% of them viewed and liked your video.

    It will boost your YouTube ranking.

    And because of that. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google that uses a complex algorithm. YouTube search algorithm assigns relevant authority to every video they index.

    YouTube can give you that authority and ranking boost if you have more likes. In fact, if your videos got likes often, you will always rank higher.

    And it will use more metrics like “related” videos to recommend your videos to other users.

    The best way to increase YouTube ranking is to buy likes. Buying positive engagement like “likes” consistently is the best way to keep your videos in the top search results.

    Reach More Audiences In Other Social Channels

    Maybe you have heard about this.

    Or maybe you don’t know about it.

    Do you know that people are more likely to share YouTube videos than anything else on the internet?

    Every moment they share a video, you are already reaching a new audience (i.e. friends, followers, family).

    But before anyone shares your video they need to have liked it. In other words, your videos must be worth sharing.

    In fact, when most users see that a video has lots of likes. It becomes even natural for them to press the share button.

    A user shares your YouTube video on social media. They reach new audiences for you who may view, like, or share your video.

    The cycle is likely going to continue from the original user. We are not saying that buying likes will make your video go viral.

    But that’s how videos go viral in the first place. It starts with people sharing a video they love.

    In other words, likes will help you reach new audiences.

    Protect Yourself from Damage

    Guess what?

    YouTube is not a level playing field. Services on the internet like “dislikes” exist for a reason.

    You may create a video, and your competitor decides to send negative engagement to your video.

    What would you do? Sit tight and let it go. Well, this what would happen. You may never recover out of this unless you did something to counter the negative engagement.

    You will have to forget ranking and YouTube may shut promotion doors for you. It is even worse for a new video that’s just getting out.

    If such a situation happens, the best move is for you to buy more likes to override negative engagement.

    Establish Authority in Your Niche

    Buying like is the best way to establish yourself as an authority in your space. With time, you will begin to generate organic engagement to your channel.

    You will attract more and more subscribers and viewers with your content.

    The moment you become a niche expert in your field, YouTube subscribers will start taking you seriously.

    When you start, you have no authority. The best way is for you to buy initial likes and grow your brand with time. As you maintain to buy likes with every video. You will gain more engagement, views, shares, and you will become a respected expert in your field

    Give Love to A New Business

    Let’s face it.

    If you have a new business, it may take you years to gain followers and subscribers. Imagine the work you have to do every single day to create a new video.

    The worst part is, no one likes. Chances are, YouTube will bury your Video or even ban your channel because it is not adding any value.

    Well, there’s good news:

    Buying YouTube likes is giving love to a new business. Lots of like will give your new business a leg up as you try to reach more and more subscribers.

    Even better, you can commit your time to create more video while we take of making sure your videos get lots of likes.

    5 Things You Need to Know When Buying Youtube Likes

    Before you shell out your cash to buy Youtube likes. There is a list of 5 things you need to know beforehand.

    These are the exact things; I wish I had known about Youtube likes. Let’s dive right in.

    It is Risky When Bought From A Wrong Provider

    It is very accurate that Youtube likes will boost your ranking and give you authority.

    Buying Youtube likes can be a risky endeavor if you are doing this for the first time.

    The biggest mistake I see people make is buying Youtube likes from Fiverr for $5. 60% of Fiverr Youtube providers offer bot likes.

    Buying from wrong providers can make it a risky endeavor. Youtube has its algorithms monitoring out this kind of activities daily.

    If they catch wind about your activities, they will get rid of any bought likes. Don’t waste your time buying likes from low-quality providers because their likes come from fake accounts.

    Youtube can easily detect these likes. When shopping, buy from high-quality providers because they will get you like from real active youtube accounts.

    Never Use it With Google Adsense.

    My hopes are, you are buying Youtube likes for the right reasons.

    But it shouldn’t be for Google Adsense purposes. Google has a strict regulation about how you can make money with Google Adsense.

    If you are part of the Youtube Partner Program. It’s against their terms and services to buy likes. In fact, when the algorithm detects this, the best thing they will do is to ban your videos or expel you from the Youtube Partner Program.

    That said, avoid any method that artificially increases your likes. Even if it is from an automated system or coercing people to like your videos.

    Not All Youtube Providers Are Equal

    Youtube providers that sell likes, shares, comments, and views are not equal.

    That said, you need to vet them and until you are confident with what they are offering.

    Before you buy any Youtube likes, always make sure they are giving you the right services. From their package description, you can know if they are selling high-quality likes or not.

    Providers that sell high-quality likes always guarantee a high retention rate. That’s what you should be aiming for. Most of these high-quality likes are from real Youtube accounts.

    In other words, high-quality likes come naturally without any automated systems.

    Always check to make sure that your provider has a stellar reputation online. Sometimes, you can read reviews from other customers who have bought it.

    The first thing you need to check once you visit their website is customer protection policies.

    A customer protection policy is a money back guarantee and a couple with a good privacy policy.

    If the vendor stands by their product, I see no reason why they should not offer a money back guarantee.

    Good customer service support

    It is crucial for the company you are working with to have excellent customer service support. So that when you need help, they are there to assist you.

    Fortunately, there’s a simple way to know that. All you need is to visit their website to find out.

    Secondly, read testimonial and reviews from past clients if they offer excellent customer services.

    Consider Buying A Package

    Imagine watching a Youtube video that has likes but no views. It would look fishy to users, most importantly to Youtube.

    Well, that was the mistake I made with my Youtube channel years back. I bought likes, and it took me long to realize that the views are also outstanding.

    It is common sense for people to watch a video first before they like it. It is after watching that people will judge whether the video is great or not.

    If you want to make sure that your likes come organic and natural, consider buying a whole package.

    A whole package will include likes, shares, subscribers, and comments. They are subscribers who will offer you this package at a decent price.

    How Buying Youtube Likes Works

    Youtube providers have a different way of delivering Youtube like.

    Always work with high-quality companies who employ safe methods of sourcing these likes. They won’t affect the integrity of your account.

    Most low-quality providers don’t offer any guarantee for their customer. Chances are, if you work with them, your channel may face suspension.

    Here are the common method, these providers use to deliver Youtube likes:

    Bot likes

    Bot likes are a common way of delivering Youtube likes. Most of them come from fake Youtube accounts. At least 60% of Fiverr vendors offer bot likes to their customers.

    The main reason why Bot likes are so common that, no one can actually know who like the video.

    Picture it like Facebook, where you post a photo, and the algorithm can tell you who liked your photo. Youtube doesn’t have that.

    Manual Likes

    Manual likes come from a company that has a team who likes your video. A lot of companies don’t offer manual likes because the process entails having a group who will provide likes. Manual likes are valid and 100% safe.

    Reward likes

    The process entails organic likes driven using marketing schemes. It is simple. The provider asks users to like the video so that they can earn various rewards they have in their program.

    Rewards can range from a gift, shopping vouchers, or dollar amounts.

    Promotion likes

    Here the provider creates a plan on Youtube and promotes on their social networks. They have a strong CTA that will attract organic Youtube likes.

    If you are looking for organic likes, this is the natural way of attaining Youtube likes. But you will have to pay more for it.

    Before buying any youtube likes, always ask the provide the best method they use to deliver Youtube Likes.

    For instance, lots of customers ask us lots of questions every day before they make a purchase. We do our best to make sure that every customer feels confident about trying our services.

    That’s exactly, what we’ll do when you approach us with a question before you make any purchase.

    Feel Free To Buy YouTube Likes

    If you took the first step to create a YouTube channel, congrats. You have already taken the first step in setting yourself apart from the competition.

    The next step is creating dynamic, engaging content and building a following. Yes, you can create lots of videos on YouTube, which no one will see expect your family.

    But if you want to do this in the long run. You will need to buy targeted likes. It is through this likes and shares that you will gain new subscribers and even reach a new audience.

    You shouldn’t feel shy about buying YouTube likes. Everyone does it, even big brand and celebrity.

    If you do this consistently, you will start attracting subscribers and likes naturally. As your video rank on YouTube, you develop authority and expertise.

    Once you have established authority, you won’t buy shares or likes again. That’s because YouTube will have already recognize you as an expert in your field.

    Even better, you will have lots of subscribers on your channel.

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