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The best ways to grow your Youtube channel

2 September, 2020 by Leave your thoughts

First, let’s talk about Youtube and how video views are counted:

Youtube video sees reflect how often a video has been watched and can be an important measure of a video popularity, Youtube want to make sure that videos are viewed by actual humans and not computer programs like a bot or fake views, in our site we use in a big network site and all the views it from real humans that want to watch your video.

On a few videos, the view tally may appear to be frozen or not show every one of the perspectives that you anticipate, the views are algorithmically approved to keep up to check that perspectives are genuine and precise.

You can check your views on Youtube analytics if you don’t know how to get into the analytics see the video:

Now let build your brand on Youtube with tips that make your brand (?)

1) In the start, you must have an idea about what you go to do in your channel – if you go to make a short or long video, and what is the main topic of your channel – people subscribe to your channel because they like you and your main topic of your channel!

Top 10 main topics of youtube channel –

  1. Blog Your Life
  2. Cool Products
  3. Product / Service Reviewing
  4. Gaming
  5. Computer / Technology Tutorials
  6. Musical Instrument Playing / Singing
  7. Cooking
  8. Traveling
  9. Education
  10. Comedy

2) Focus on your brand messages – like tonight shows on TV the program’s moderator has a start messages and end messages (like SNL – “live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”).

3) Youtube is one largest search engines video on the internet and writing descriptions with keywords (like SEO of website) can help viewers find your videos more easily through search.

4) The most important signals that YouTube uses to rate your video and make them more popular in the community:

  1. Title tag information
  2. Audience retention
  3. Keywords in description tag
  4. Tags
  5. Video length
  6. Number of subscribers after watching
  8. Likes and dislikes

In the “new generation” of the social media you have more and more platforms like youtube – facebook and Instagram etc.