Ever asked yourself why people buy YouTube likes? Well, the main reason is to increase the popularity of their channels, or simply put, the number of views on their videos.

At least 1.9 billion people visit YouTube every month. These users watch a billion hours of video footage daily. Given the lucrative benefits of having a high viewership, content creators are constantly looking for ways to make their channels appealing to users.

The easiest way to gain popularity on YouTube is ranking high on organic searches.

The challenge, however, is getting your account to rank high. There are several factors that YouTube considers in its ranking algorithm. One of such factors the level of engagement on your video posts, which comes in the form of likes, shares and comments. Therefore, buying likes is an effective strategy for boosting traffic to your channel.

Advantages of Buying YouTube Likes

1. Get a head-start

If you’re posting a video for the first time, it can be quite difficult to get going. It’s even harder to make the video viral if it didn’t grab the attention of viewers in its first days. Buying likes will ensure that your videos get noticed moments after you post them, increasing viewership as a result. Instead of starting from scratch, you’ll have the upper hand over competing channels.

2. Improved Brand Image

A video with several likes is likely to get more viewers. This, in turn, translates into more people trusting your brand. An improved reputation increases the conversion rates to your commercial platform, especially if you use YouTube as a marketing tool.

3. Become an Authority in Your Niche

As stated above, a high number of likes boosts the image of your brand. A channel that has millions of views has a higher chance of being regarded as an authority in its specialization area. This helps your business to grow at an even faster rate.

4. Increased Ad Revenues and Call to Action Conversions

YouTube will pay you a higher sum if your videos have a high level of engagement. Thus, purchasing likes essentially increases the profits generated by your YouTube channel. Also, subscribers and other viewers are more likely to click on your external links and annotations when your video has many likes. This means that buying likes can be an effective strategy for boosting traffic to your business website.

5. Better Search Rankings

The objective of every YouTuber is to rank high in organic search results. Obviously, a highly-ranked video will attract more viewers because of the enhanced visibility. You can increase your search ranking by purchasing more likes for your videos. As a result, you’ll get more organic traffic to your channel and eventually increase its popularity.

6. Efficient Marketing Campaigns

There are several way of prompting your YouTube videos; sharing on social media, using paid ads, embedding on websites and many more. Regardless of your preferred choice, the number of likes on your videos will always have an impact on the potential viewers your channel could receive. More likes, therefore, are likely to increase the effectiveness of your video marketing campaigns.

7. Stronger Presence on Social Networks

Another benefit of buying YouTube likes is having a wider reach on social media platforms. Videos with several likes get mores shares to social networks than those without. The more people lean about your products or services, the more followers you get on your social pages. These followers could potentially get converted into lasting clients.

Now that you are familiar with the potential benefits of buying YouTube likes, here is some additional information what you need to know about this strategy before implementing it to improve your popularity on the social media platform.Youtube Likes

It Impacts Perception

Purchasing likes gives you control over the perception viewers adopt when they see your videos. Following the opinion of the majority is an inherent human characteristic that heavily applies on YouTube. If your videos have many likes, users will perceive that they have valuable information. This perception influences them to only watch the video, but they are also more likely to like it as well.

There are Potential Risks

Similar to most forms of investment, buying likes has its fair share of risks. For instance, purchasing likes from a bogus provider could jeopardize your account instead of boosting its popularity.

But, in exactly what way can buying likes have an adverse impact on your channel? Well, YouTube has its ways of detecting any underhand methods of increasing the popularity on the platform. This means that if you buy likes from bogus providers, who often get them from fake accounts, you risk getting suspension or even a ban from YouTube. Genuine providers, on the other hand, get the likes from active accounts, meaning that they are absolutely risk-free.

Complement Likes with Views

Although more likes will influence viewers to click on your videos, it has to have a substantial number of views. Why? You have to actually watch a video before you call on the ‘like’ button. Having a million likes with only a few hundred views certainly appears phony, even to most naïve of YouTube users. If you want your YouTube likes to appear genuine, it is advisable to complement them with views and other forms of engagements, such as subscriptions and comments. There are several providers that offer all these in a single package.

It’s not a Surefire Strategy to Popularity

Despite all its benefits, buying likes does not guarantee the success of your YouTube channel. The strategy can only contribute a little part- in addition, you’ll have to work on other tactics such as creating amazing content, optimizing titles and descriptions, sharing to social media and adding subtitles/translations and so on. Most importantly, ensure that your videos conclude with a call to action that encourages viewers to like, comment and subscribe to your channel. This way, you will increase the engagements on your channel, which eventually brings in more subscribers as well as views.

Abstain if you Use Google AdSense

One of the popular ways of monetizing content on YouTube is by enrolling to either the partner program or Google AdSense. If you happen to be a subscriber to these services, abstain from buying likes.

Purchasing likes contradicts the terms and conditions of the programs mentioned above. If you are discovered, the repercussions are severe. Your videos could deleted, your account banned, and in the worst case scenario, your channel could get deleted permanently.

There are Abundant Service Providers of Buying YouTube Likes

Luckily, there are several companies that sell YouTube likes. However, it can be quite difficult to tell bogus providers from the genuine ones. Genuine providers usually generate likes from real and active accounts that are evenly spread out across the world. This means that the likes have a high retention rate. Contrarily, bogus providers acquire likes from fake accounts that largely remain inactive.

Additionally, the provider you choose must have a verifiable track record. They should also have a sound privacy policy as well as a money back guarantee. A good way of obtaining this information is by checking reviews and opinions from previous users.

How to Identify Fake Likes

Unlike other social media platforms, it is difficult to identify fake likes on YouTube. This is because it is impossible to view the individual users who ‘liked’ a particular video. Nevertheless, they are potential red flags that can help you deduce that likes are bogus. Such include;

  • An unusually high number of likes – one way of spotting fake likes is by assessing the levels of engagement, particularly likes. For several videos in one channel. For instance, if one video has a million likes, the others should have a number within that range. Anything else could mean that the likes are fake. Only in rare instances would you find that only one post has attracted many likes than others on the same channel.
  • Subscriptions are way lower than the like count – naturally, people who are subscribed to a channel are the likeliest to like its video posts. If a video has millions of like but the subscribers are just a handful, it could be an indicator suspicious activity.
  • More likes than viewership – to like a video, you must first watch it. Fake accounts are largely dormant and never watch videos, therefore, if the likes exceed the views, they are bogus. Moreover, most people rarely like or dislike videos, meaning that in no way should the likes be more than the views.
  • Very few comments – a popular video usually has high engagement rates. A high number of likes must be matched with a high number of comments.

The Legitimacy of Buying Likes

Just like it’s the case with views, various people have different opinions on buying likes. The truth is, YouTube isn’t entirely against the use of this strategy, provided it doesn’t go against their terms of service. When buying likes from service providers, ensure that the likes are generated by real accounts. If they are fake, bot-generated or come as a result of coercion, YouTube will certainly take action against your account. This is where the aforementioned criteria for identifying fake likes comes in handy.

The (Possible) Consequences of Buying Likes

The implications of buying likes on YouTube are entirely dependent on the quality and the source of the likes. Purchasing likes that are acquired through deceptive methods such as redirects or bots will attract the following;

  • The likes might not count. This means that the level of engagement remains as it were.
  • YouTube might delete the videos.
  • Your account might get a suspension.

In some cases, albeit rarely, no action might be taken against your account. It is possible for our video to get fake likes without your influence. YouTube is in knowledge of this and won’t impose any sanctions unless it is proven that you employed the underhand strategy.

Maximizing the Benefits of YouTube Likes

As severally stated in this article, buying likes is nothing more than one of the many strategies that can help you achieve success on the world’s most popular video-sharing platform. To maximize the effectiveness of likes, you would have to implement additional tactics such as;

  • Optimizing videos for search – viewers can only see the number of likes on your video if they are visible on search results. The best way of optimizing your videos is using keywords relevant to your niche in titles and descriptions. You can also make use of the auto-fill feature that suggests popular search terms made by YouTube users.
  • Create Amazing Content – regardless of the number of likes, comments and views, nobody will want to come back to your channel if the content is irrelevant and incorrect. The key to retaining viewers and subscribers is publishing amazing content. You should also post regularly.
  • Interact with your audience – when you reply to the comments on your videos, it makes the users feel that you care about their opinion. This should apply to both positive and negative feedback. Moreover, such interaction boost the engagement rates for your video, which further increases popularity as well as search ranking.
  • Share to Social Media Platforms – the majority of people who access the internet often log in to social networks. Luckily, most of these platforms support video content. You can take advantage of this trend by sharing your videos to sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This not only boost organic traffic to your YouTube channel, but could also generate kneads to your e-commerce website.
  • Conclude Videos with Convincing Call to Action Statements – although the video content might send a particular message to the viewer, you still have to tell them your main objective – whether it is to like, subscribe or comment to your video, or even to sell a particular product or service. Ensure that the call to action is brief and convincing.

Bottom Line – Should you Buy Likes on YouTube?

Having assessed the good and the bad, it is clear that the benefits of buying likes outweigh the potential disadvantages.

Attaining the much-desired popularity on YouTube is difficult. If you are a beginner, this challenge is further magnified. Creating high-quality content isn’t enough to get users to view your content. This is the primary reason behind the growing popularity of practices such as buying likes and views.

That said, it is important to assess the methods used by your preferred provider to acquire the likes. With this knowledge, you are better placed to avoid the negative implications that come with dishonestly sourced likes.

Remember, buying likes must be combined with other conventional strategies to increase the viewership of your YouTube videos.

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