If ever, there was a perfect time to make money off YouTube, then it certainly has to be in this era. At a time when this giant video-sharing platform is creating stars – tens of thousands of them, or even more, YouTube pays.

YouTube now receives over 30 million unique visitors each day and registers over five billion views on the same day. YouTubers too aren’t sleeping – they are uploading an incredible 300 hours of video a minute. And they are receiving a sizeable share of the billions equivalent to the 55% revenue that YouTube itself makes a year.

Would you like to start making money passively via YouTube?

With all these facts, you most definitely can’t afford to mull over your dream of being a YouTube star someday anymore. Now is the right time to start uploading some damn good videos and make some insane amounts of money. And you’ve got nothing to fear since there are over five certified ways of making money on YouTube legally.

YouTube ads can earn you a decent amount of money if your videos are getting a lot of views. A LOT here means anything from 250,000 views, up – if you’ve monetized your channel and your Google Adsense account is working. Remember, for every 1,000 views, YouTube pays as little as $10, sometimes more or less.

The other ways of making money on YouTube, especially Affiliate Marketing, securing brand deals and crowdfunding will come later, mostly once you’ve started gaining fame. Popularity in YouTube, however, is measured by the number of views a video gets as well as the subscribers the channel has. And in normal circumstances, it may take you years to get them and be regarded as an Influencer.

Getting thousands of Views and Subscribers on YouTube straight off is almost impossible

That’s right – you can’t launch a YouTube channel today and start rolling with a million views in a month. It takes time, hard work and persistence, of course, with a little bit of ingenuity.

To put that into perspective, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg’s PewDiePie which now has over 95 million subscribers was registered in April 2010. Markiplier joined YouTube in March 2012 and has since earned over 23 million subscribers. The Game Theorists, another popular channel, now has well over 11 million views even though it was created in August 2012.

Many other stars started their channels much later and now make a decent amount off YouTube too. Their fame and popularity, however, hasn’t matched that of the ‘real OGs’ of YouTube!

Today though, YouTube is becoming saturated and making a living out of it is proving a bit harder than in the past. The cut-throat competition for the valuable, but elusive views is getting fiercer and fiercer as days go by. As a result, sellers of YouTube views and subscribers are becoming one of the best go-to alternatives.

Buying YouTube Views

Youtube Targeted ViewsYouTube, owing to its fast-growing popularity, is now regarded as a social network of some sort. Of every ten people who visit this site, eight of them are aged between 18-49 years. And considering that the over 30 million visitors its gets daily get to interact just like on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, YouTube certainly is one.

For an ordinary YouTuber to be famous, quality of the shots uploaded is of paramount importance. Killer videos will attract viewers and subscribers, albeit gradually. And that’s absolutely okay!

However, considering that the faster these views grow, the quicker you are bound to earn more and be a YouTube star, ever thought of buying real, genuine Views?

Almost everyone buys YouTube Views today!

From the high and mighty in the music world, media organizations, celebrities and pretty much any ordinary Joe, virtually everyone buys them. It is an investment that makes economic sense and certainly delivers decent ROIs.

It is also a smart decision that comes with a host of advantages, key among them being the following:


  • Thousands of views are sure to give your channel a social proof

Yes, it gives you the all-important social license of credibility and acceptability. With this proof, viewers will be eager to discover what your videos are all about and why they have garnered such massive views. And as their curiosity compels them to view your videos, your overall views will dramatically increase. Within no time, you will have created a team of ardent followers on your channel.

  • It inspires organic growth

Once your channel takes off having been entirely accepted by tens or hundreds of subscribers, there will be no going back. However, to ensure it grows quickly and gracefully without taking years, ‘fake’ views can come in handy.

Genuine views bought is a real morale booster

There will obviously be those days when your analytics will paint a sad picture of the situation. Your overall viewership will dwindle, and in its wake, subscribers will start deserting you. However, to stop the exodus and keep the numbers and the revenue streaming in, you will have to buy YouTube views.

The views will not only give the channel that much-needed boost, but also restore the confidence of your regular audience. And that will provide you with an adequate amount of time to review your strategy and come back stronger.

  • Would you like to make your best video go viral?

Of course, you do.

To make it go viral overnight, you should be smart enough to solicit for as many views and shares as possible. And the best way to do that would be by convincing your ‘gang’ to share the clip as you tirelessly promote it. There are a lot of independent, third parties that offer YouTube video marketing services, besides selling YouTube views. And by the end of it all, your video will have gone viral.

  • It’s trendy; an open secret already!

Maybe you haven’t tried it out yet, but nearly everyone prefers to go down this route today. Even those who would otherwise rack in a million views buy views on YouTube. The real reason behind splurging on genuine views is the urge to realize instant results. Better yet, provided they deliver legit views, there’s no problem.


But, is it legal to buy YouTube views?

Buying them isn’t something that YouTube is entirely against. If you go through their TOS, you will come across a clause that permits purchased views, provided that they are genuine and originate from real humans. Woe unto you if you buy fake, bot-generated views – your channel might suffer severely!

Don’t believe in the myths about buying YouTube views either

Although the whole idea of buying views is an open secret, not every statement made out there about it is true. There’s a whole world of myths and half-truths mostly propelled by those who know nothing about it.

Today, we are debunking some of the most common lies said regarding buying YouTube views, including why there’s nothing unethical about the views. Let’s get right at it:

Myth #1: It is illegal to Buy YouTube Views

Questions on the legality of buying ‘fake’ views aren’t new in this industry. It’s rather sad though, that what’s spread out there is far from the real truth. Yes, buying views is 100% legal, according to YouTube’s TOS and everyone deserves to know it.

Genuine YouTube views aren’t hard to find, even on a tight budget. What actually is illegal, according to YouTube, is when views are bot-generated or if you trick people into watching the videos. And you must stay away from any fake, automated or bot-generated traffic.

Myth #2: YouTube will pull down a video with fake views

Another common misconception that has killed the mojo of many potential YouTube view buyers is the lie that if YouTube eventually finds out, the video would be deleted. Well, that is absolutely untrue.

YouTube never removes a video; they NEVER Assuming you buy fake views from a cheap third-party provider and they only last for a week before YouTube finds out and deletes the fake views, your videos will still be safe. They often pull-down videos that abuse their Terms of Service, especially the ones that contain illegal content.

However, considering that it could be utterly embarrassing if your views reduce overnight, it is recommended that you only get them from a high-quality provider. Genuine, human views are perfectly okay, unlike automated views which might put your videos in jeopardy.

Myth #3: YouTube will Ban your account because it has Fake Views

YouTube can’t ban a channel merely out of fake views, even after deleting the views. This simply means, whoever says that a YouTube account is likely to go down the drain when it’s found to have purchased views is a liar.

The only real reason why YouTube bans someone is when the channel has posted content that infringes on the TOS of the platform. And even if they ban it, they do issue a comprehensive statement detailing why they had to ban it.

Myth #4: All Views sold are Bot-Generated

Well, this is yet another common lie often told by many. Sure, there are many sellers of automated views on YouTube. It’s not easy to know unless you buy them and YouTube flags them down. In fact, according to this giant video-sharing platform, fake views are just a small section of the entire views videos get.

And so, not every YouTube view sold is generated by a bot. There’s a specific type of third-party sellers who strictly deliver real, human views. They essentially generate the views in a plethora of techniques, including sharing the video on their advertising networks or via social media. Usually, they run a program where a person is paid for viewing a video.

Myth #5: Views bought will get stuck at 301

The algorithm that YouTube uses to monitor views is so intelligent that it can tell whether it is genuine or not. It does this by pausing the view count at 301, before doing an in-depth analysis of the views accrued. Once it’s done checking them, counting will continue as before.

If the views are found to be bot-generated, the algorithm will immediately delete the suspicious views without notifying the channel. This strategy often hits those whose views were automated and not the genuine ones. You should, therefore, stick with 3rd party sellers of real, legit human views.

Myth #6: All YouTube Views Bought are similar

If third-party sellers of YouTube views don’t operate the same way, then there’s no way YouTube views can be identical. Besides, bot-generated views are a lot different from real ones gained when real humans watch a video.

Views bought differ significantly, and that’s because the seller invariably gets them from different locations. They also vary due to the amount of time spent by the viewer, click-through rates, and so forth. If they originate from bots or were generated using poor, artificial techniques, YouTube will use several metrics to tell.

So, the best way to ensure you get real value for your investment is to only engage someone that offer genuine, human YouTube views. Basically, make sure you are paying for a real human to sit and watch it.

Myth #7: With a Decent amount of Views, you are good to go – Likes and Comments don’t matter

It’s true; over a thousand YouTube views pay, pretty much like having the right number of subscribers. But while buying views for your YouTube video, never ignore the essence of buying Comments and Thumbs-ups.

YouTube also uses the likes and comments a video has to measure how engaging the content posted is. A video with a good Views-to-Likes ratio tends to rank higher and receives more traffic or views than the other without.

Whoever tells you that Likes have no real importance is a liar, and you must not believe in their words. See, a video with several thousand views and subscribers, but without even a single Like will automatically raise suspicion.

Myth #8: YouTube Stars, Celebrities and Influences don’t buy views

Nowadays, almost everyone in this field, YouTubing amateurs, and Pros alike prefer to obtain views for their YouTube videos and shorten their journeys to fame and stardom. Popular YouTubers are, in fact, the greatest buyers of YouTuber views because they know that this strategy will pay back handsomely while maintaining their ‘star’ status.

While reporting on the flourishing business of fake YouTube views, the New York Times revealed that everyone, including the so-called ‘stars’ inflate views. And there’s nothing wrong with this rather unorthodox method, provided that the views bought are real human views.

Myth #9: YouTube Views Bought Ultimately Disappear

YouTube has been cracking down on automated or bot-generated views, and they seem to have even gotten smarter at it. That’s why most fake views don’t last long enough to see the light of the day.

So, even though this misconception has a bit of truth in it, YouTubers ought to take it with a pinch of salt. See, if you buy YouTube views from a third-party seller whose sources are genuine humans, there’s no way the algorithm will erase them.

Myth #10: If you buy YouTube Views, you’ll not need to promote the video anymore

What this delusion basically dwells on is the fact that after buying views, you should be free to relax and take that much-needed vacation because this is an “all-in-one strategy.” Well, there’s nothing like that!

Buying thousands or tens of thousands of views for your video shouldn’t stop you from promoting it through other means. This is just another alternative, and although it’s better and tends to deliver better ROIs than the rest, you shouldn’t shy away from employing other tactics.

It’s generally suggested that you buy YouTube views and subscribers to add on your loyal gang. This, therefore, means that you keep posting killer content while promoting it on various other channels, most notably social media.

My Parting Shot

In conclusion, nothing should stop you from buying real and genuine YouTube views for your videos. Not even any of the above myths!

You can buy view to boost the visibility of your channel, drive more organic views and earn your way to fame and stardom. It is a clear, proven way that, if executed well, can dramatically supercharge your channel’s ranking.

Remember, it is a common practice, and it’s genuine, legal and 100% sure to yield decent ROIs. But be sure to choose the best, most credible third-party seller.

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