It’s easy to tell why YouTube (or, YouTubing) is the new American Dream of today. In real life, making as much as $500k, let alone a million bucks, while pursuing your typical 9-5 job is no joke. You will have to toil hard, maybe get an extra job on the side, and accept to live like a monk!

But, for a YouTuber who probably owns a camera, a microphone, a powerful internet connection, and, of course, thousands of subscribers, making double or ten times that amount is nothing hard. And that’s why folks, in droves, are quitting their jobs to get rich and famous the YouTube way.

YouTubing Pays

In fact, Forbes’ 2018 list of YouTube’s top-earning stars, couldn’t have painted a clearer picture. Hundreds of individuals or perhaps more, some of them posting videos with nothing of substance literally, rack in millions every year!

PewDiePie, the 27-year-old Swedish Vlogger, reportedly earns well over $15.5 million a year, despite being quite controversial. Jacksepticeye, another famous, 28-year-old Irish YouTuber takes home over $16 million a year. Roman Atwood, the world-famous comedian, prankster, and YouTuber, for example, made over $12 million from YouTube in 2018, thanks to the channel’s millions of subscribers.

Logan Paul also makes a vast fortune, despite this eviction from the prestigious Google Preferred program as the tidings of his brother, Jake Paul, kept rising. Of course, Ryan ToysReview is still the most paid YouTuber right now. Other famous individuals who make more on YouTube than anyone else include America’s Markiplier, VanossGaming – a Canadian video gaming guru, Jeffree Star – a makeup rockstar and Ping Pong Trick Shots’ sensation, Dude Perfect.

Away from these millionaires, there’s a lengthy list of individuals who have built up huge YouTube audiences and now make a decent figure a year. How they all make their money, however, depends on a host of factors – key among them being their total Views and Subscribers.

But, how does a person make money off YouTube?

Well, this question has been answered a million times already, although it is still perhaps the most asked. YouTubers make a significant chunk of their money via Ads – Google Adsense, to be exact. Basically, out of every one thousand impressions of a YouTube ad, the vlogger gets a particular percentage, roughly between $1 and $5 or even less.

Another way they get money is through something called Patreon or donations. What this involves is that the YouTuber posts a video, but skillfully leaves an ‘online tip jar’ which anyone who sees the clip and feels like supporting the project donates a little into the ‘jar.’ Others use this idea to allow those who tip to get exclusive access of the view before it is posted to the others.

Affiliate marketers also thrive on YouTube, especially when it comes to beauty or fashion products. The YouTuber does a video endorsing a particular product and ensures it is convincing enough to compel the viewer to buy it. At the description section as well as on the video, the vlogger then asks them to purchase the product strictly using the affiliate link posted down below the clip.

Other methods of making money on YouTube are via Sponsored videos and the YouTuber selling the product directly via YouTube. These two methods aren’t as lucrative as the others, but they are quite popular.

You must also comply with the strict YouTube Partner Program

Having a YouTube channel and monetizing your account automatically enrolls you to the YouTube Partner Program. This program is pretty much about Google Adsense or merely allowing Google to display ads on your videos. You must choose the kind of ads to be shown so that for each click on the ad, you get a little commission.

Now, the hard work starts when your subscribers and views haven’t matched the eligibility requirements of this program. The main ones are:

  • You must have accumulated a minimum of 4,000 watch hours over the past 12 months.
  • You should have amassed at least 1,000 subscribers.

Upon meeting these two main requirements, Google will invite you to start applying for Google Adsense. When you are accepted, and your videos start registering massive views, YouTube starts paying you according to the number of conversions.

Youtube ‘Thumbs-Up’ Matter A Lot

You could be wondering how buying YouTube Likes, is good for the success of your channel. Of course, nobody would be eager to buy them if the entire investment wasn’t yielding any profits. Besides, it has been debunked that there’s nothing illegal in buying real YouTube views, provided it is from legitimate sources.

Metrics Equally Matter

You need lots of views and subscribers to make money on YouTube. But to determine whether your channel is making positive progress, you will need to keep a close eye on the analytics. They are the ones you would use to monitor your monetization methods.

These metrics include:

  • The Likes to View Ratio

Views will mean nothing if your videos aren’t creating the right amount of engagement. And you will tell from the amount of Likes a video gets. According to Tubular Insights, it is recommended that for every 100 views, your video should get at least four comments. Comments, of course, don’t bring any monetary value, although they make a video more engaging.


  • Comments to Views Ratio

The kind of comments you get will undoubtedly tell what your audience think about the video. They also shed more light on how engaging a video is and, to some extent, the effect ads have on the viewers. If the Comments to View ratio is at least 5%, rest assured you are doing well.


  • Subs to Views Ratio

Subscribers aren’t just your most adherent fans. They are the ones who earn you more views and more commission in Adsense. You can use your Subscriber to View ratio to predict the number of views your videos can get.

However, it is possible to get fewer Views than the number of subscribers in one video and see the numbers shoot in the next. That’s why, according to Tubular Insights, a subscriber to view ratio of at least 14% is perfect for a channel that’s still growing. Once the channel establishes itself and starts to maintain a particular amount of views per video, the ratio may start to drop.

Of importance, among these three ratios though, is the “Thumbs-up” a channel gets. Sure, Views and Subscribers are the Alpha and Omega of your career as a professional YouTuber. But, you can’t afford to ignore those Likes!

Why Buying YouTube Likes is Great for your Channel

Youtube LikesEven though Views and Subscriptions are the Holy Grail, every Like you get on YouTube has lots of importance in the success of your channel. It’s believed that the number of likes a YouTube video has significantly determines how this giant video sharing platform ranks it.


  • Enhances its Rank

If you are a professional YouTuber and you’ve once uploaded a video only for it to get more Dislikes than Likes, then you absolutely understand the importance of Likes. To break this down for you, a Like means a video is excellent, and the viewer has given it a thumbs-up. A Like also helps raise your rank and authority and subsequently pulls more viewers and subscribers your way.


  • YouTube Loves ‘Likes’

Google uses the two “thumbs-down” and a “thumbs-up” buttons as a means of measuring how engaging a video is. And for YouTubers, a video that’s engaging not only gets tons of Likes, but also gets shared and instantly goes viral. YouTube also tends to favor the video and often helps ensure it gains authority and appears top on search results.


  • Likes ‘Endorse’ a video

Additionally, a Like on a video is akin to rubberstamping the clip and essentially portraying that it has value. This is why someone is more likely to watch a clip with lots of Likes to the end and discover what could have compelled others to give it a thumbs-up. And that will have earned the YouTuber a free view and perhaps one more subscriber.

Going by a social proof experiment, viewers on YouTube are more likely to watch a video with hundreds or perhaps thousands of likes than another with a handful. In real life, this experiment is absolutely accurate and always happens. This, therefore, means if your video has more Likes, it will ultimately get more viewers.


  • Did you know that a YouTube Like can help get you discovered?

If a popular YouTube channel with millions of Subscribers, say a famous Food Vlogger or a News outlet, likes your video, many of its subs will be eager to know why. And they will stream to your channel, view your videos and subscribe. In the end, they’ll have discovered you and ultimately boosted your popularity.


  • A Remedy for Dislikes

Lastly, it is possible to get in trouble with YouTube channel if it receives an extraordinary number of Dislikes. YouTube will pay close attention to an account that continually gets more Dislikes and might even ban it if it continues getting them. Many YouTubers have had to kiss their channels goodbye because of Dislikes which stemmed from content that probably was inappropriate, controversial or misleading.

How to get more YouTube Likes on your videos

Now that the number of “thumbs-up” a YouTube video gets partially determines how well it ranks, it is your responsibility to ensure you get as many of them as possible. There are several ways of achieving this.


  • Request them to leave a Like!

You will have to convince viewers to give each video they watch a ‘Thumbs-up’ if they enjoy it. It is quite a simple, natural way of getting lots of Likes without breaking a sweat. The request could come as a caption or at the end of the video. However, that doesn’t mean it works for everyone.

The success of this method heavily depends upon a couple of factors, especially the number of views your ordinary video gets. Someone with an experience brand or a well-known YouTube celebrity will automatically get tons and tons of ‘thumbs-up’ even if the clip is below-par.

Another factor that could determine if you will get the elusive likes is the quality of videos you publish. You firstly have to focus on creating content that’s worth a Like. If the clip is about something inspirational and packs a punch, viewers will not need anyone to remind them to hit the ‘Thumbs-up’ button.

For the vast majority of newbie YouTubers with burgeoning stats, convincing viewers to ‘Like’ a video might not work immediately. With time, as the channel grows and the quality of videos rise, Likes will start streaming in.


  • Or, buy them

The fact that almost everyone nowadays buys YouTube subscribers, Views, and Likes should give you a pointer of how the situation is out there. It’s a little open secret that has boosted millions to more income and fame and granted them the much-needed rapport.

Besides, buying YouTube ‘Thumbs-ups’ is perfectly okay, provided they are from real, humans – not bots. According to YouTube’s TOS, buying ‘fake’ YouTube views could easily land you in trouble, including getting the channel banned altogether. And that means you can only avoid that by buying from a reputable seller.

Remember, YouTube, being part of Google, has the most intelligent mechanisms of detecting bot-generated Likes. The YouTube Likes seller you will be buying from should be offering genuine YouTube promotion services since they have absolutely no problem with that.

The number of views a video amasses go hand-in-hand with the likes it gets – it would look odd for a video to have several hundred Likes and a handful of views. And so, the most important thing is to ensure that while purchasing them, you consider the views it already has.

Buying Real, Genuine YouTube Likes

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy ‘Thumbs-ups’ for your YouTube channel, it is essential that you exercise due diligence and choose a legit seller. The internet has lots of sellers and among them are those who generate Likes using bots.

You can’t rely on the seller’s assertions that the Likes are real and genuine. Basically, you should be smart enough to tell whether YouTube Likes are fake. And you will recognize from the Google accounts they originate from. As for the price, there are several sellers of legitimate YouTube likes too, some retailing for a couple of pennies per Like.

If the few free Likes delivered have no real accounts attached to them, run away. You may also wait for a few days before making the final decision since most of the ‘Thumbs-ups’ generated by a bot last for a couple of days before they are lost. Don’t forget that fake, bot-generated YouTube likes can quickly get your channel flagged down.

How to buy cheap YouTube Likes online

There’s no clear, well-defined way of buying YouTube ‘Thumbs-ups’ and you should be careful not to deal with a scammer. Some of the features to use and gauge whether a seller is worth buying from is if their website looks real and professional and the product packages are well priced. Also, as the rule of thumb goes, a seller with a solid reputation and has been vouched for by many is worth giving a shot.

A good YouTube Likes seller should be able to deliver them within a reasonable period. If they can drip-feed them and provide a warranty at a reasonable price, don’t hesitate to buy from them. Remember, it’s natural for a Likes dealer to have a host of other services as well, especially views and subscribers.

Important To Note!

When all’s said and done, buying YouTube Likes is perfectly okay for your channel, provided you get them from a legit source, and the Likes aren’t fake. You should be able to tell if they are genuine before paying though.

Another incredibly crucial factor to remember is the essence of buying them. It is recommended that you only buy Likes for your YouTube channel if it already has a name and a reputation such that Google will not suspect a thing. Also, you should invest in them if you haven’t monetized your videos with Google AdSense yet.

More importantly, the Likes should correspond with the Views and Subscribers. Remember, any wrong move, and your account could be in deep crisis.

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