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5 Ways to Gain More Youtube Subscribers

5 October, 2020 by Leave your thoughts

So, you want to gain more YouTube subscribers? That makes sense. More subscribers means more trust and confidence in your channel, more people viewing your videos for longer (which will increase your ranking), and reaching 1,000 subscribers fulfills one of the requirements to monetize your channel. While buying YouTube subscribers is an obvious solution, there are several other ways to maximize your subscriptions.


5 Ways to Gain More Youtube Subscribers

#1 Ask for Subscribers


This might seem a little obvious, but it’s often overlooked. It’s easy to offer a gentle reminder to your viewers to subscribe once every few videos. Keep it short, sincere, and sweet.


#2 Audience Over Revenue

Why do you want to reach 1,000 subscribers on Youtube?


If you’re in it only for the cash, it’s going to be more difficult to make content that counts. If you move your focus from “you” to “your audience”, you will change your mindset to one that thinks about your viewers first, and this will be reflected in the quality of your videos. When you buy real YouTube views it increases your channel’s credibility and attracts more viewers, and these new viewers need to see that your channel is focused on giving them a great experience that keeps them coming back.


#3 Focus on Content that Works

To gain more subscribers, you need to create content that your viewers want to see. This means research! Go to your video page and look at the top 5 or 10 videos, and search for patterns. Patterns in your already published content will tell you what viewers want to see and help you find your niche.


And if you’re just starting out, experiment! Create videos with different content and styles. As time goes on and your channel grows, notice the patterns in your most-viewed videos. Find what works. Then you can devote at least 80% of your videos to ones that you know will attract the most views. It’s still a good idea to buy YouTube views to attract more new consumers, and if your content is consistently focused on what the people want subscriptions will follow.


#4 Increase Your Searchability

Searchability means Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s a big topic, but in a nutshell it means finding keywords on your topic(s), and sprinkling them throughout your channel. Incorporate these keywords into intriguing and clickable titles. Put them in your video descriptions, and if you have a website or blog make sure to embed your videos. This makes your video more accessible to people already looking for them, and will also help with your site’s Google ranking.


#5 Interaction is Key

This one is super important. To gain more subscribers you need to treat your audience like your friends. Show them you care by engaging with them in the comments and mentioning how much you appreciate them in your videos. Try to grow a community, or even better a digital family united by common interests, instead of a fan-base.




It’s smart to buy YouTube views and buy YouTube subscribers when you are starting off. Remember to invest in content and audience so that those paid views pay off in an organic and loyal following.