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Best Way to Monetize Your Channel

30 October, 2020 by Leave your thoughts

Best Way to Monetize Your Channel


The best way to monetize your YouTube channel is first and foremost through the YouTube partner program (YPP). In a nutshell, this is the program that lets you monetize your videos and share advertising revenue with YouTube.


In this article we’ll go over


  • What becoming a partner can do for you
  • Eligibility requirements
  • What you can monetize and how
  • How to make advertiser-friendly content


#1 What YouTube partnership can do for you


The reason becoming a YouTube partner is the best way to monetize your channel is because of the benefits it gets you. The YPP gives creators access to YouTube resources and features, such as…


  • Access to creator support teams that can help you with all kinds of technical troubleshooting, navigating copywriting guidelines, and tips for video optimization.
  • Access to the Copyright Match Tool which alerts you when your original video is uploaded on another YouTube channel.
  • Access to a plethora of YouTube monetization features including advertising revenue, paid channel memberships, a merchandise shelf, paid fan messages and chats, and YouTube Premium subscriber revenue.


#2 Eligibility Requirements


To qualify for the YPP you must meet the following minimum requirements:


  • Live in a country or region that allows the YPP. For a full list go here.
  • Have over 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months
  • Have more than 1,000 youtube subscribers.
  • Have a linked AdSense account


Some YPP perks like the paid channel memberships and merchandise shelf require an increased number of subscribers: 30,000 and 10,000 respectively.


When trying to meet the YPP eligibility requirements buying views on YouTube can be a big help. When you buy Youtube views, you can skip some of the grunt work required for eligibility. However, bought views are no substitute for quality content: YouTube will check to make sure your videos meet their standards during the review process before approving your account.


#3 What you can monetize and how


Great, so you gained access to the YouTube partner program and you’re ready to start earning money!


There are specific guidelines that a video must meet in order to qualify for monetization. The videos must be original creations. This means all elements must have been created by you. If you want to use content that you did not create, you must clear the rights through YouTube and obey copyright laws and YouTube spam policy.


Some ideas for video forms that you can monetize include:

  • Daily vlogs
  • Home videos
  • Do-it-yourself tutorials
  • Original music videos
  • Original short films


#4 Advertiser-friendly content


So here comes one of the most important parts: making content that advertisers want to put their ads in.


Obviously, advertisers will want to advertise in content that gets a lot of views and engagement. However, there are a lot of guidelines that need to be followed to make sure your content is appropriate for advertisers.


If your videos include certain content, they will get limited or no ads. Some examples of this forbidden content are:


  • Subway or underground surfing
  • Promotion of anti-vaccination movements
  • Content that focuses on shaming or insulting an individual or group
  • Promotion of cannabis coffee shops or chewing tobacco
  • Content where firearms are discharged in unsafe environments


And that’s just a very small fraction of the guidelines. We strongly recommend you check out YouTube’s full list before making videos with the purpose of attracting ads.