How to Create and Manage Your Youtube Channel

Youtube is one of the largest and most trafficked websites in the world. It gives businesses and individuals a huge opportunity to reach more people and generate interest and results in their services.


Getting started can seem overwhelming, but fear not! In this article we’ll break down the process and teach you 6 easy tips to create and manage your youtube channel:

– Begin with the basics

– Set objectives

– Trailer and first video

– Optimize your videos

– Manage your channel

– Invest in your channel


6 Tips to create and manage your YouTube channel:


Tip #1 Begin with the basics


The first step is to actually create your channel, which YouTube makes very easy. Simply sign in, try any action that requires a channel such as posting a video, and if you do not already have a channel YouTube will prompt you to create one. Fill out the details, name your new account, then fill out your profile and channel description. Describe your brand and what viewers can expect to see, and add links to your website and any other social media networks you use for your business.


Tip #2 Set objectives


Create a content strategy for your videos. Ask yourself what you want to achieve. Some common goals are brand awareness, traffic to your business website or blog, and/or more engagement and subscribers. Your content strategy will determine the type of videos you need to create and your call to actions. This is also the time to set an active and consistent posting schedule.


Tip #3 Create a trailer and first video


Create a short and sweet channel trailer. Your trailer should let your audience know who you are, what your business offers, and what kind of content they can expect. After you create your trailer it’s time for your first video. For your trailer and first video use simple editing software, plan your content according to your objectives, and make every second count.


Tip #4 Optimize your videos

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to ensure success after you create your YouTube channel. SEO enables your videos to rank highly on the YouTube search engine so that you can generate more views and subscribers. Write a keyword-rich title and description to get noticed by the youTube algorithm. As you progress, take note of which keywords work best to improve your rankings and generate views.


Tip #5 Manage your YouTube channel


Management tools are essential for new YouTubers, especially those hoping to use YouTube to promote a business. Research well and choose a high-performing management tool. You should be able to use it to manage your comments, collaborate with multiple users, and monitor YouTube for keywords.


Tip #6 Invest in your channel


It can be very difficult for a new YouTuber to get over the initial hurdle of gaining enough viewers to be ranked highly on YouTube’s search page, especially with so many established accounts already out there. An easy hack to help you start is to buy YouTube views. That’s where we come in. Here you can buy views on YouTube and buy YouTube subscribers. At Buy Targeted Views we offer the service of real YouTube views and subscribers – no bots here. We employ real people from over 30 countries. This service combined with standard SEO will ensure your videos receive the audience they deserve.




When you set out to create and manage your YouTube channel it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, starting with the basics and putting in the time will be well worth it; it can help you reach a much wider audience and generate many more leads, and buying real YouTube views will give you the initial boost you need. Head out there with your head held high. You got this!



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