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How to Earn Money on YouTube

8 October, 2020 by Leave your thoughts

Earning money on YouTube is no easy feat. You will need a lot of viewers, a lot of subscribers, and consistent engaging content. However, if you’re already a passionate video creator and ready to put in the extra effort, it’s definitely doable.


Here are 4 steps to earn money on YouTube


#1 Apply for the YouTube partner program


To monetize your channel you need to become a partner. Becoming a YouTube partner qualifies you for lots of perks like increased advertising revenue, a merchandise shelf, and the ability to earn YouTube premium revenue. To become a partner you must meet the following requirements:


  • A minimum of 1,000 subscribers
  • 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months
  • Have a linked AdSense account
  • Live in a country or region where the program is available


Once you meet the criteria, go to your profile and


  • Click on your profile picture
  • Click Youtube Studio
  • Click Monetization in the left-hand menu
  • Follow the prompts to apply


You can buy YouTube views and buy YouTube subscribers to meet these criteria, but YouTube will review your channel before you’re accepted so make sure you have enough content for them to look at and that it is in line with their policies.


#2 Create an AdSense account


You’ll need an AdSense account to qualify for the YouTube partner program. To get one, simply follow the official YouTube AdSense guide


AdSense allows advertisers to bid on video ad space based on the video’s audience, keywords, and topic. You generally get paid when someone clicks on or watches an ad.


#3 Sell services or products to viewers


All Youtube creators are eligible to sell their merchandise through their videos. You can either outsource to a merchandise company that handles design and shipping, or link to your own shop or landing page with available merchandise. If you are a YouTube partner with 10,000 subscribers, you can set up a merchandise shelf for your channel (again through the Monetization section). To effectively sell merchandise:


  • Identify your audience
  • Imagine and design your product
  • Promote your product in your videos
  • Build engagement
  • Link to your sales platform


#4 Get your content sponsored


Once you have enough views and subscribers, either after you buy real YouTube views, earn them organically, or a combination of both, you can use your large audience to attract sponsorship. You negotiate directly with sponsors and they pay you without going through YouTube. To get sponsored:


  • Find a quality partner brand
  • Send them your brand pitch
  • Make a deal. Your rate will depend on your audience size, engagement, and relevance
  • Create sponsored quality videos
  • Be transparent – you’re legally required to let your audience know you’re advertising to them




You’ve got the content, you’ve got the drive, now it’s time to get the money! Earning money on Youtube can and should be done. You can buy views on Youtube to help qualify for the YouTube partner program, register for AdSense, sell services and/or merchandise directly to viewers, and get your content sponsored. Go get ‘em tiger!