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How to Get 1 Million youtube Views

10 October, 2020 by Leave your thoughts

So, you’re here and ready to get more views. You’ve already set up your channel, wrote an awesome keyword-rich description, and included links to your business pages. You’ve posted a few videos, but… they’re not getting as much traffic as you want. So how can your videos stand out in the 500 hours of video that’s uploaded to YouTube every minute?


You can, of course, buy views on YouTube. There are also many organic ways to generate views, and following are 4 simple tricks to increase those views and make your video viral!


4 tricks to get 1 million views:


#1 Title and thumbnail


Your title and thumbnail are the first thing a viewer sees and the key elements that get the clicks. Try to think like your target audience and choose a thumbnail and title that will make them choose your video over the competition.


For a great title, you should:


  • Conduct keyword research
  • Use the word “video”
  • Learn from others’ successes and failures on YouTube
  • Use attention words like “amazing, wow, yummy!” and check for spelling mistakes
  • Use numbers (5 solutions, top 10 tips, etc…)


For an irresistible thumbnail, think about:


  • Choosing an action-packed picture
  • Using a close-up of someone (people are drawn to other’s faces)
  • Editing in limited and interesting text


#2 Mimic viral content


Spend a day or two on viral stalking. Go on Youtube and look for viral videos. Watch them. Take notes. Watch again. Find viral videos in a variety of fields: product review, how-to, vlogs, best-of, etc. Make videos with the same format as those which are already viral.  Look for the patterns, because they’re always there. Here are some more well-known viral patterns:


  • Videos that are incredibly practical. A video on 25 ways to wear a scarf has generated over 44 million views.
  • Videos that inspire awe, anger, or anxiety. These are all high-energy emotions that viewers love to feel
  • Be a purple cow. Deliver content that is highly unusual/shocking and will get people talking
  • Videos that are funny. Almost all viral marketing advertisements use humor.


#3 Analyze your own content to find your niche


To get 1 million views, you need to create content that your viewers want to see. This means experimentation! Set a high-release schedule where you post multiple videos a week. Use different formats, keywords, and emotional focus. Give them some time, then come back and find your top videos. Your audience will give you the information you need by showing you what they need, and soon enough you’ll be creating content specifically tailored to your niche.


#4 Engage with your audience


Are your videos generating comments? Great! Don’t leave those comments floating alone in the digital void. Show your audience you care by engaging with them.


To respond to a comment:


  • Go to your videos in your channel
  • Select a video and scroll down to the comments
  • Click Reply under the comment you want to engage with


Engaging with your audience can also help rank your video highly in user searchers: the YouTube algorithm loves user engagement and factors it in when ranking videos.


To sum it up


It can be tricky to get 1 million views for your channel or video, but there are many ways to get there. You can mimic viral content, perfect your own content, and engage with viewers. If you decide to buy 1 million views, make sure to use a high-quality service that supplies views from real people.