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Is Buying YouTube Likes Safe

20 April, 2020 by Leave your thoughts

Chances are, you’ve asked yourself this question:

Is buying YouTube likes safe?

I get it. You are skeptical and maybe right. Both you and I know that we ought not to believe everything we read on the internet.

But here’s the million dollar questions:

Are you violating YouTube’s TOS (Terms of Services)? Will the YouTube algorithm detect fake likes? How do you go undetected?

A while back I was curious about the same things. But I guess we both are.

Well, there’s good and bad news. But before I share the news, let’s first answer the main question, and we look for solutions.


First, Is Buying YouTube Likes Safe

The short answer:


It is 100% legal. The thing is, they are various ways of buying YouTube likes. The problem is, most people choose the wrong method.

Whether you are looking to buy using the right or wrong method, I will show you how to go about it. Even if you did everything right, YouTube still suspends you. It happens all the time.


Let me explain…

How many times have you seen ads running on YouTube before your favorite Rihanna’s song starts to play?

Or when you are about to watch a documentary. You get interrupted by an Ad.

Millions of times.

My question now to you is, do you think people buying likes for their ad on YouTube are doing it safely.

Of course, they are. The problem arises in the method a person is using. Continue reading because I will show you how to do this based on my years of experience.

Even YouTube TOS doesn’t prohibit people from doing that. But does specifies on the method you need to stick to.

Big companies buy both fake and real likes every day without YouTube catching a wind.

The question you need to ask yourself is…

How do they do it without being undetected?

It is going to depend on the provider you are working with and the angle you are approaching the situation.

And if you do everything well including buying fake or real views, your channel won’t get burn. Before we get it into the nitty gritty of everything, let share with you how YouTube detects fake likes.


How YouTube Detect Fake Likes

When you buy likes on YouTube, your likes like go up, your video ranks up, but after sometimes, the likes go down.

YouTube is going to pick up on this, and they will investigate where your likes came from.

Chances of being caught at this point are so high. The more you continue buying fake likes. With time, they will confirm that you have been buying fake likes.

A scenario like this doesn’t apply to likes alone. It also applies to shares, comments, views, and subscribers.

The main problem here is, you cost ad companies lots of money. All those fake likes mean that the ad companies have to pay a lot of money to YouTube for their ads. ( Some videos which may never have been viewed)

And since ad companies never like to waste their money, they will tell YouTube never to allow fake likes, views, or shares.

In other words, you cost them money before you are caught.


Don’ts You Need To Remember When Buying Fake Likes

Never work with a provider that promise quick likes. It is very easy for the YouTube algorithm to detect this.

Never work with a provider that seems too good. If they promise you heaven, chances are you are dealing with a scammer, and it is a matter of time before you get caught. In the end, they will have your money, and your channel will be detected.

Things You Need to Do to Ensure You Buy Fake/Real Likes Safely (Undetected On YouTube)

Now that you have to know what can make your channel get banned. It’s time you understood the way of buying both fake and real YouTube likes undetected.


Ensure Balance of Likes, Views, Comments, Shares, and Subscribers

Do you know what gets people caught?


There’s no way you can have lots of likes, but you have no views, comments, shares, and subscribers. YouTube algorithm will sniff this quickly.

The best you can do is find if the provider you are working with offers a package.

An excellent package will the balance of likes, shares, comments, and subscribers. You need them both for your channel to look legit, both to YouTube and users.

Buying likes alone is the old way of doing things If you want to stay safe. Buy a package. For instance, imagine a video that has 2 million views, 100 likes, and 30 subscribers.

Honestly, do you think that those numbers are legit? They are not.

So here’s what you need to do.

  • Decide on the number of likes you want?
  • Do a quick search on YouTube and find out the average number of comments, shares, and subscribers, your channel needs to have balance the likes you are aiming.

Before you hire any provide do the math and a quick research. Trust me on this, it will save a lots of trouble in the future and when you are dealing with providers.

Chances are, you will ask some providers to balance and they will inflate the number.


Always Ask for The Watch Time

Let’s face it.

Buying YouTube likes is not an easy task especially if you are a beginner or if your channel got banned before.

YouTube racks watch/view time a lot in their algorithm than anything else.

Yes, you can have lots of likes, views, subscribers, comments, and shares. But if your watch/view time is low, it is a red flag on YouTube.

YouTube will start its investigation again. Before you know it, your channel is banned.


Here’s the solution.

Before you buy any likes, make sure to pay for view time. If you pay for view time, chances are, you may never be caught.

In fact, before you shell out your cash to buy anything related to YouTube marketing. Ask for whether they provide view time.

A lot of YouTube providers lie about this most of the time. YouTube analytics will give you the average view time of your video.

At this point, I believe you have done lots of two things:

  • Bought a package
  • Bought view time

Doing these protects you from getting banned.


A Strong Guarantee

Great companies that offer YouTube likes give their client retention rate. If you are buying something like, likes, that’s what you should be focusing.

First, you need to ask them if they guarantee their likes. Why? Likes are not like comments that live forever on YouTube.

Likes drop in number with time. An excellent provider will guarantee that their comment won’t drop while low-provider won’t give you an excellent guarantee.

Did you know that high-quality likes have a high retention rate? And they are sourced from real YouTube accounts.



Method YouTube Vendors Use To Make Sure Likes Are Safe

Different providers will have different methods of collecting likes for YouTube videos.

If you are much concerned like me. You need to find out what methods they are using. Here are the standard methods of collecting likes most companies use:


Manual Likes

Here YouTube likes come manually from active users. The provider has a whole team of people who like your videos. Manual YouTube likes will always come from people that have active YouTube accounts.

Most of the team comprises of freelancers who have the task of liking your YouTube video.

Reward Likes

Here the provider drives organic likes to your video using some form of marketing schemes. Companies that offer reward likes usually do prize-giving competition to motivate people to watch your YouTube videos. In the end, your video gets the like, and the people earn rewards, gifts or likes of their own. It is simple like that.


Promotion likes

Driving promotion likes will need a provider to create a marketing plan based on your YouTube video and promote.

They do promote on social media and other platforms. If you are looking for the most natural way to gain likes, look for a company that offers promotion likes.


Benefits of Making Sure Your Likes Are Safe?

If you have taken all the steps on this page to make sure that your likes are safe. You need to tap yourself on the shoulder. So what benefits do you get for making sure that your likes are safe?


Earn Legitimacy

It doesn’t come quickly. But that’s what you get. An air of legitimacy. Your users will take you seriously, and they won’t catch a wind what you have been doing behind the doors.

Instead of YouTube penalizing you, It will start ranking your videos and doing free marketing for you.

Before you earn that legitimacy, make sure you have followed everything I have written on this article, and you are following the advice to the tee.

Likewise, if you don’t want to go through all these, you can contact us, and we can help you execute the plan very well.


Gain Authority

Guess what happens when you are on the side of YouTube?

Ranking and more ranking. As long as you are doing everything right and there’s no suspicion. YouTube will reward you with ranking.

A lot of companies and big celebrities buy fake and real likes to boost their ranking every single day.

Do you know what?

They have a team that does everything well for them so that they can be on the record. But here’s the real question to you…

Why don’t you just do the same? Cover up your footprint and make sure your things well.

When your plan is well executed, you will gain authority and ranking that you desperately need.


Boost Social Proof

Social proof is also another thing. When you have lots of likes, comments, shares, and subscribers. People will be curious to watch your videos and even be your subscribers.

More likes means, your video is helpful or entertaining. YouTube fans love sharing videos that have lots of social proof. It’s human nature for humans to find something great and spread the word about it.

Once YouTube begins to notice that your videos are well-liked in the space. They will start looking for similar users likes your subscribers and share your videos. That’s when your videos appear in people’s news feed.

The moment your video appear in the news feed and people watch it; this is excellent news because it boosts further your social proof. In fact, consider this as free marketing on steroids.

If you have arrived at this stage, the only thing you can do now is to focus on creating engaging videos.


YouTube Likes Are Votes.

There’s the only way to know if you are creating something that’s valuable to YouTube community. The number of likes.

Picture this…

If you have two videos, Video A and Video B. Let’s say Video B gets 10,000 likes and Videos gets 2000 likes. What does this tell you about the content of the video? It means that your subscribers relate well to Video A than Video B.

It also shows you that you need to start publishing Video because people love this subject so much. It is always a great idea to publish videos that people love on YouTube because YouTube main purposes is to deliver exceptional content.


Protect Your Channel

There’s a lot of competition on YouTube. Any time your competitor feels that you are doing something better than him or you are getting ahead. They will want to do everything to make sure that you are not progressing.

For instance…

A competitor may decide to buy dislikes for your YouTube video. And he may buy a lot of them hurt your ranking. The best method to counter this move is to make sure that you also purchase lots of likes.

Otherwise, if you don’t do this, you are ranking my plummet. And it will be just a matter of time before YouTube decides not to recommend your video to its viewers.

Things like this happening every day on YouTube. Just when you are doing well the other day, someone decides to hurt you. Well, this happens whether you have real or fake likes.


The Best Site To Buy YouTube Likes

If you are looking to buy YouTube like and be safe, then you need to work with a great company. A company that can hide your footprint and makes you likes and everything look legit.

The good news is, they are a few companies in the marketplace that can offer you that. Feel free to reach us if you have any queries. We will be happy to help.


Bottom Line About The Buying YouTube Likes

Maybe you are still skeptical.

Maybe you are not.

But let’s agree on one thing… It is safe to buy YouTube like. Even if it wasn’t safe, the fact remains, no one not even your mom will take you jail.

The least is you can do is worry you will receive a death sentence when you buy YouTube likes.

Companies buy YouTube likes every single day to boost their marketing companies. Why should you be scared to do it? Feel free to reach for any inquiries, and we will help you.