YouTube Advertising Blog Want to Buy YouTube Views? Try These 3 Free Ways First

Want to Buy YouTube Views? Try These 3 Free Ways First

8 October, 2020 by Leave your thoughts

Every minute an average of 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, and almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. In the middle of this tidal wave of content, how do you make your videos stand out enough to get views? One way is to buy YouTube views. There are also several free ways to achieve your goals, and below we’ve outlined 3 free ways to get those views.


3 Free ways to get more YouTube views


#1 SEO Keywords


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the practice of increasing your video’s visibility for relevant searches. This means if someone somewhere searches a certain keyword or phrase on YouTube, the YouTube algorithm will show you relevant videos as a top result.


An easy way to optimize your video for the YouTube search engine is by incorporating popular keywords into your titles, descriptions, and tags. How do you find the all-important keywords? It’s actually pretty simple:


  • First, find a free Keyword search engine online. There are plenty out there
  • Brainstorm words or phrases that you associate with your business or product. Specificity can be your good friend here. For example, “blue men’s billabong t-shirts” will generate far fewer search results (competition) compared to “blue t-shirts”.
  • Search your chosen keywords and keyphrases. Select 10 or so with a high search volume and low competition
  • Experiment with your chosen keywords. Use them in the titles, descriptions, and tags of your videos and see what works. You can even use different keywords and combinations on the same video to see what works best
  • Analyze the results. One way to do this is through YouTube metrics


#2 YouTube Metrics


Counting views isn’t the only way to measure the success of a video. You have an incredible free marketing tool at your disposal in the form of YouTube metrics. When you buy YouTube views and buy YouTube subscribers you greatly increase the chances of attracting large quantities of organic consumers. But how do you know what they like or do not like in your videos? How can you find out what the people want?


YouTube metrics can tell you the number of new subscribers a given video generated, the total watch time, average viewer age, views by country, etc. Most importantly, YouTube analytics gives you detailed information on audience retention so you can see exactly where in your video your audience kept or lost interest.


To reach your metrics, simply:


  • Go to your YouTube channel
  • Click Manage Videos on the top right of the screen
  • Hover your mouse over the video you want to know more about and click Analytics
  • Explore the information at your fingertips


#3 Optimize your YouTube thumbnail


A good thumbnail will seize the attention of viewers and convince them to watch a video. Here are some ideas for thumbnail optimization:


  • Always choose your own thumbnail. Youtube automatically generates a default thumbnail when you upload a new video, but it is much better to manually select a visually striking still.
  • Choose an action-packed image
  • People are naturally drawn to faces, so make your thumbnail the close-up image of a person
  • Use an image with bright, vivid colors
  • Use photo-editing tools to make your thumbnail stand out




If you want to get your videos noticed and at the top of the results page, buying real views is one way to do it. However, the 3 free ways outlined above can be a great addition to your strategy, and will help you keep the interest and loyalty of your audience.