YouTube Advertising Blog Why youtube update did not hurt us

Why youtube update did not hurt us

8 January, 2020 by Leave your thoughts

What happened with the last YouTube views update

In the last weekend YouTube made a big update that blocking all ‘fake views’ on their network, this update blocked all the fake views providers on the markets.

We are happy to announce that we are currently the only company in the world that can provide real targeted views on Youtube!

We are making campaigns on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social medias, everything to make sure the campaign on your video goes well and you get the best results for your video.

YouTube has blocked all fake views, so we are the only place where you can buy real views and be happy with your purchase.

We work hard around the clock over each order to make sure you get everything perfectly, as we keep an eye on every single video.

If you want to succeed on Youtube, this is the best way to do it, we will make sure of it!

Real and targeted views is what we offer! make your choices on specific countries or world wide, as we are the only ones that can provide that!

We have given over 6 billion views on youtube! as well as over 300 million likes, and over 30 million subscribers!

We make sure every purchase is secure and protected, as well as your information, and of course we keep your order discrete.

We offer support 24/7 via Email, live chat and on phone worldwide!

Fast facts about YouTube views:

  • YouTube have more then 30 billion visitors a month from all around the world.
  • YouTube refreshing the views counter every 4-6 hours to each video.
  • YouTube have more then 5 billion users.
  • YouTube worth over 100 billion dollar.
  • Buy-Targeted-Views is the only provider of real views in the market!

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